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Congratulations are in order

The mods of fandom_votes would like to extend our congratulations to legomymalfoy for her new position on the Livejournal Advisory Board. Full results can be viewed here. Also congratulations to rm and vichan for a wonderful showing.

I'd most especially like to thank vichan and qfemale* for taking the time to come and answer questions about their platforms here. It's been a pleasure.

*and if I've missed someone who came over to talk, please correct me.
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And we go to Plan B.

I have to admit - a lot happened over the weekend that made me think on this further, so I'm going to apologize and say that I don't believe that the first idea I had for this community is going to cut it any longer. The original plan was to put up a run-off poll between our top two candidates, but I've decided against that. I think it's highly likely we'll get the same results as we've gotten already, and we'll just waste time doing it.

I think that it'd be pretty redundant, and people are going to vote for who they're going to vote for anyway. I apologize to both rm and legomymalfoy for this, since they're the two who would have been fighting it out in our poll.

So here's what I'm thinking we need to do instead.


I think we're on the same page in that we want one of our three top vote getters - legomymalfoy, rm and vichan to win. And that we don't exactly appreciate a lot of the things that have happened during these past several days.

legomymalfoy is currently up by 1200 votes over the next highest contender. (ETA: In the time it's taken me to write this post, make that 1000 votes.) Many people have weighed in with great support of her in our discussion posts. Several people brought up some concerns they had with her candidacy, and you need to figure out if you share those. rm also enjoyed good support in our community.

Splitting the vote is not going to work in our favor though. It is therefore my view that with legomymalfoy's current lead, that we should try to ensure we maintain that lead.

So if you have read through the platforms and feel comfortable/happy with legomymalfoy's candidacy, I strongly urge you to vote for her.

I also support rm and vichan's candidacies, and if this were a less weird election, I would much rather just run the poll the way I said I would. I just don't think that's a viable option anymore if we're to have any hope of getting the results we want.

Do *not* vote straight ticket - the math doesn't work in our favor that way. Mathematically speaking, our best option looks like voting in the following order on the LiveJournal election poll:

1) legomymalfoy
2) rm
3) vichan

AGAIN: Do not vote for the same person three times; that will not work and it will make the second and third votes not count. The total needed is fifty percent of all LJ votes to win so...yeah, we're going to have our work cut out for us.

If you decide you cannot, for whatever reason, support legomymalfoy's candidacy, switch those first two slots.

The most important thing to do right now is to SPREAD THE WORD. If you want any one of these three people to get a slot on the board, we are going to have to work for it.

Again, their platforms are Collapse )


If you already voted, and wish to change your vote, you can edit your poll answers here.

ETA: An Open Letter to Fannish Community Moderators - if you'd like to help out by e-mailing a moderator of a community you belong to, please go here. Or if you moderate a community, check this out.
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discussion: candidates and their platforms

This is a cut and paste of all the candidates platforms linked from here.

If any candidates wish to have the text of their platforms removed from this entry, please email seperis at livejournal and I'll remove the text and keep the link only.

Discussion Rules

1.) Comments must be balanced; when making a post with negative comments on one candidate, the entry must also contain positives comments on another candidate. Comments will be screened that don't fulfill this criteria. All positive comments on one or more candidates are fine.

This does not mean ten paragraphs of anti-x candidate with a single line of VOTE FOR Y YAY! Seriously. Abide by the spirit as well as the letter.

2.) Discussion is encouraged, but flaming and negative personal attacks won't be tolerated. The poster will be banned without warning and the comment screened or deleted. If you think you've been unfairly banned, email the moderators (seperis or svmadelyn) at our livejournal addresses.

3.) Discussion is limited to the ten candidates here. Any comments that discuss a candidate that is not listed here is not on-topic for this community. For discussion of all candidates, go to lj_election_en; ljvotes, ljunited and votepocalypse are some alternate venues.

Candidate Platforms:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

There you go. Discuss at will.

ETA: Added two other alternate discussion venues.
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I believe in goal-setting!

I've decided to set a goal for fandom_votes.

- 110/128 members/watchers noon on 05.24.

I want us to have 1,000 members in this community by next week Tuesday. I want (minimally) 1,000 votes for *one person* on Wednesday. Wouldn't that be cool? (Answer: YES.)

I think it's an absolutely realistic goal, and if you wanted to show how much I'm *underestimating* fandom, well. I'd welcome it. *grins*

Please take a look at the discussion post and add your own thoughts.

When we get down to two candidates, or have a better idea of who our two candidates are, I'm thinking I'll see if they're perhaps up for a few questions or a post or something. (I make no promises on their behalf or anything though, and have no idea if anything will come of it, to be totally clear.) I'm just throwing it out there and saying I'm open for any suggestions on how to run a productive discussion in all this. There's no reason we can't have a bit of fun here.
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First round! (Please vote AFTER you've checked out the discussion post.)

Don't know who to vote for? Find candidate platforms, open discussion and fannish endorsements RIGHT HERE.

We heartily encourage conversation and discussion on that post so that you can figure out who you think is going to best articulate, defend and understand fannish interests. In other words? Know who you are voting for. Blind votes don't help anyone here, people!

Then come back to this post and vote.

This poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. CST Sunday, May 25th.

Only pro-fandom candidates who are actually in fandom will be considered for fandom_votes purposes.

If you are not a member of fandom, please do not vote. (Seriously, just go set up your own voting bloc comm, nobody here is going to stop you.)

The top two vote-getters as of this poll's closing will enter into a run off election. This will run from midnight CST on Monday, May 26th until 11:59 p.m. CST Tuesday, May 27th.

We will all then vote for the winner of that poll in the formal LJ election poll from midnight CST Wednesday, May 28th until polls close on LiveJournal at 9:00 p.m. PDT Thursday, May 29, 2008.

(ETA: gfemale is actually qfemale. And solitaire is sollitaire. I was apparently having spelling issues yesterday. Apologies!)

Fandom Votes, round one!

Dude, you totally missed someone that is pro-fandom and in fandom. I'm writing them in in the box below.

My pro fandom, in fandom candidate of choice is:

Irina Laughing

If you want to link to this project on your own LJ, please link here!

ETA: Let's try this again.

If you're not a member of fandom and you're not going to be voting for one of the ten people we are discussing, go somewhere else to discuss your candidate. I want this comments section on-topic. I have no desire to wade through anything extraneous in this community.

Any conversation not fitting these parameters will find the commenter banned without notice. This community is centered around discussing these ten candidates and NO ONE AND NOTHING ELSE. It's. Not. That. Hard.

If you're going to talk about a person, keep it positive. If you have negative things to say about a person, keep it to your friends/flists.

This is especially true when it concerns a person that is not even in the running for this community's votes. Keep it clean, keep it to the ten people we are actually considering and save anything else for your personal journals. Thank you.

Mini F.A.Q.

Question: What is fandom_votes?
Answer: We are a community of members of fandom trying to get a member of fandom elected to the LJ Advisory Board.

Question: So why are you trying to make people vote for a certain person?
Answer: We're not. The moderator of this community knows none of the people running and as such, has no personal bias. But as a voting *bloc*, if we (fandom) can come to a general consensus on one candidate, we can have a member of fandom on the Advisory Board.

We *heartily encourage* an open discussion. We want to really *understand* the differences between the candidates' platforms. This isn't a popularity contest - we want to find out who is going to best be able to articulate, defend and understand fannish interests.

Our baseline is that a member of fandom has the best understanding of fannish interests, and now, we need to build from there.

Question: What do I do?
Answer: READ THROUGH HERE. There's five steps on what we need to do in order to get a pro-fandom, in fandom candidate selected.

Then come back here!

Fannish Endorsements, Opinions and Candidate Discussion:

If you want to summarize/promote certain things about your favorite candidate, here's the place to do it. This is an open discussion.

You can find links to all of the candidates platforms here. There's also a few relevant posts in ljunited.

Please note that we are only considering pro-fandom candidates that are in fandom for this community. If you wish to vote differently, that is obviously your prerogative. (You can check out the poll linked below for the names of the candidates we are considering.)

Please feel free to comment on this post if you have anything you'd like to weigh in on for a particular candidate. Think of this as fannish endorsement time. If you've made a post saying why you think so and so is awesome, head your comment with the name of the person you really like, and link us.

Let's keep it all positive. If you have negative things to say about a person, keep it to your friends/flists. I don't feel like watching this get scary, you know? If there's something you don't like about a candidate's *position* though - well. Fair game.

NOTE: We also welcome the candidates themselves to come in here and say whatever they'd like. If the candidates see a certain question or something to address about their platform, they're welcome to comment to other users well. This is meant to be a kind of neutral ground atmosphere, and we welcome their comments.

If you've already voted, you should be able to change your vote (should you wish to), by editing the poll. I'll tell you how to do that when the time comes.

Read through the links to the various candidate platforms, and the threads here in order to figure out who your favorite candidate is.

Then, vote in Round One. This poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. CST Sunday, May 25th, so read and think fast, my people!

We'll narrow down our choices to two options, and then?

Well, it's like Highlander. There can only be One.