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fandom_votes's Journal

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Question: What is fandom_votes?
Answer: We are a community of members of fandom trying to get a member of fandom elected to the LJ Advisory Board.

Question: So why are you trying to make people vote for a certain person?
Answer: We're not. The primary moderator of this community knows none of the people running and as such, has no personal bias. But as a voting *bloc*, if we (fandom) can come to a general consensus on one candidate, we can have a member of fandom on the Advisory Board.

We *heartily encourage* an open discussion. We want to really *understand* the differences between the candidates' platforms. This isn't a popularity contest - we want to find out who is going to best be able to articulate, defend and understand fannish interests.

Our baseline is that a member of fandom has the best understanding of fannish interests, and now, we need to build from there.

Question: What do I do?
Answer: READ THROUGH HERE. There's five steps on what we need to do in order to get a pro-fandom, in fandom candidate selected.

What's on-topic for this community?

If you're not a member of fandom and you're not going to be voting for one of the ten people we are discussing, go somewhere else to discuss your candidate. I want this community on-topic. I have no desire to wade through anything extraneous in comments.

Any conversation not fitting these parameters will find the commenter banned without notice. This community is centered around discussing these ten candidates and NO ONE AND NOTHING ELSE.